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Tummy Belt
Review Summary
The Tummy Belt, also known more formally as the Lytees Corrective Tummy Belt, is a cosmetic garment designed to help consumers visually slim the waist area and hide love handles. The Tummy Belt does this by functioning as a sort of modern girdle for both men and women. The idea is simple: if you want to "tuck" your bulging belly, strap on a Tummy Belt and allow it to cover up and hide the bulge for you.

Lytees has made the Tummy Belt to address both the hips and the waist for a total core transformation. Constructed of poly elastan fabric, the Tummy Belt also adds a little skin conditioning umph by delivering Caffeine and Shea Butter to the skin. These ingredients are said to condition the skin, improve moisture, firmness, and general appearance.

We feel this is not a traditional abs belt, as the products essential design basically acts as a modern girdle. Unlike an EMS abs belt, the Tummy Belt was not truly designed to actually tone and tighten your core. Instead, you simply wear it like a garment, but it does not work to address the areas its covering like other abs belts. The Tummy Belt cannot be transferred to other parts of the body to do any actual slimming or firming. It appears to be designed for the core and hips only.

Also keep in mind that since the Tummy Belt is not exactly and ab belt, it has not been studied in clinical trials and it has not been cleared by the FDA. This is fairly normal for a product like this as they are not required to be cleared.

Manufacturer Information
Lytees is an older company that may or may not still be around. At time of review, the Tummy Belt can still be purchased from various online retailers, however. Because of this fact, we feel that there’s nothing concrete out there about product guarantees or warranties on this particular product. We did find that the Tummy Belt's moisturizing ingredients are advertised to work even after 20 washes.

• Tummybelts may be worn underneath garments during activities.
• Tummy Belt may improve the topical conditioning of the skin.
• Tummy Belt is relatively low priced for a unisex girdle.

Though prices can vary, we have seen the Tummy Belt sell for around $39.99 at this time. This price is variable, as may be the shipping and handling from retailer to retailer. As far as we can tell, no bonus materials are included with the Tummy Belt at this time as they are with some of the most popular EMS abs belts.

Final Facts
As far as abs belt products go, and as we've mentioned the Lytees Corrective Tummy Belt is not a very advanced option. Its main mechanism of action is topical, cosmetic and simple. However, for the consumer who wants to immediately hide belly bulges or the like, the Tummy Belt represents a quick, easy, and mostly affordable solution. As you shop the abs belt market, think of the goals you want to achieve, and then choose the products that will help you actually attain them. We feel there's no reason to cover up or hide your abs. Ultimately having the abs you've always wanted can be a reality as there are products out there if you’re willing to look.

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