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The Flex Belt – Effective EMS Ab Toning Technology
Review Summary
Anyone looking for an abdominal toner to take their workouts to the next level – will want to take a look at the Flex Belt. This machine is not one of those belts that promises to melt away inches and lose abdominal fat simply by putting a piece of fabric around your waist, or a device that claims to work magic. If that were the case, we would simply be wasting your time with this review, and we certainly would not have chosen to carry it in our store. This particular ab belt is high quality and proven to work; you can see for yourself by ordering one and getting started on a new ab training regimen now. Right now you can order The Flex Belt from our store. Click here to get your Flex Belt now at the Absbelt.com Store.

You can also order your Flex Belt from the official site; by clicking here to get even more information. The company also offers tips and tools for more ways to lose abdominal fat.

The Flex Belt is unique in that it uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation, or EMS Technology to engage the abdominal muscles, providing users with a complete workout that targets all of the abdominal muscles and the obliques (aka love handles). We don’t see many devices that target all of these areas, and we certainly don’t come across many that have such a high number of celebrity endorsements. Actresses Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna, Olympian Janet Evans, Super Model Adrianne Curry and Football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice are all folks, to name a few, who use the Flex Belt to get their abs in perfect shape.

We definitely recommend watching the video presentations below where both Denise and Lisa share their secrets to better abs.

How It Works
You may already be familiar with EMS Technology since it has actually been around for years. This technology is commonly used by chiropractors to rehab muscles, and has recently been used for abdominal toning - specifically and for those concerned with abdominal fat. The belt contains actual electrodes under the gel pads that accurately stimulate the muscles by sending a signal to the nerve endings under them, causing them to contract and relax. Just 30 minutes a day of using the Flex Belt may allow users to see and feel big results.

The Flex Belt has 10 different programs users can choose from to keep their exercise routines fresh yet consistent. Additionally, there are 150 different intensity levels so that you can make your workout more challenging – or go easier on yourself if you feel the need to let your muscles recover a bit. Having this wide range of intensity makes this device perfect fit for people all across the board, from serious athletes to casual exercisers learning how to lose abdominal fat. With the Flex Belt, you can get what you want to out of your workouts. Click Here to visit the Official Site for The Flex Belt and Learn More.

Also since the gel pads are medical grade, they are of the highest quality. In fact, the Flex Belt holds a patent on the way the device works. The specific placement allows all of the muscle groups to contract perfectly at the same time – for those in the know, this would nearly be impossible to do on your own.

Dr. John Porcari, the leading expert on EMS devices agrees and has conducted two clinical trials on the Flex Belt and deemed it to be the best product of its kind. We encourage you to check out his video presentation below.

One of the things people love most about the Flex Belt is that is super convenient to use. While most ab workouts are considered a chore, the Flex Belt could be considered a relief: there is really no excuse NOT to wear this belt, and when using it you don’t really even have to think about it. WIth The Flex Belt feeling the toning action is essentially a no-brainer. We found the Flex Belt is the ultimate multi-tasking tool: you can get in an ab workout while checking emails, updating Facebook, cooking dinner, doing laundry, taking a walk, making phone calls or simply sitting on the couch watching TV. With a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, this belt is the real deal.

Most of us are busy – and one area we tend to slack off on is ab workouts. That’s why even busy celebrities use the Flex Belt. Adrianne Curry, super model, actress, and original winner of America’s Next Top Model uses the Flex Belt on a daily basis. She tells us:

“I can take it anywhere. The Flex Belt is incredibly portable. It’s something I don’t have to put thought into and nobody even has to know I have it on because it goes under your clothes. There is really no excuse not to wear it. I can make dinner, I can do the laundry, read a book, sit on the couch, check e-mail, I can be by the pool – all this stuff is possible to do while using the Flex Belt. I don’t want to waste my time on anything, and that is why I am so happy that I found the Flex Belt, because it’s A) not a waste of my time and, B) gives me the results.”

The Flex Belt official website features even more interviews with other famous folks who use The Flex Belt, including actress Lisa Rinna and NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. You can see their videos on the official website. Click Here to watch their videos on the Official Flex Belt website Now.

In this technological age, we are used to paying for quality; and when we fork over top dollar for a product we expect nothing more than the highest of quality. The Flex Belt takes no exception. At around $199, The Flex Belt is undoubtedly the premier ab belt available. With that cost comes an unsurpassed product that delivers an abdominal workout unlike anything else.

What you pay for in the Flex Belt is not only having a toned, well-defined core, but the convenience of being able to get this type of definition anytime and anywhere. If there are still any doubts, there’s no need to worry: all orders of the Flex Belt come with a 60-day money back guarantee. Since you will feel your muscles contract and get a sense of how the belt works the very first time you use it, we feel this is a no-risk situation. Purchase the belt directly from the official site or you can visit our store to order the Flex Belt by clicking here, the choice is yours.

• The Flex Belt gets results that have been clinically demonstrated
• Unlike others, this ab belt is super convenient to use – any time, anywhere
• Features varying intensity levels that provides several ways to lose abdominal fat
• Has 10 different programs
• The machine has been cleared by the FDA
• Loved by athletes, celebrities and everyday people - numerous testimonials show how well received it has been
• Comes with a 60-day guarantee that gives you plenty of time to test it out. Most feel it works the very first time the put it on.

• Some may find the price tag to be a bit steep initially, since it is a high quality belt. Though, definitely worth trying out.

Final Facts
As you can probably tell, the Flex Belt is a product we absolutely love, and we want to share our find with you. It is rare to come across a fitness product that performs so well and can be utilized by virtually anyone wanting to lose abdominal fat. We would not affiliate ourselves with a product that underperforms; therefore, we hope that you consider the facts presented here and see if the Flex Belt is what you are looking for.

We honestly cannot imagine that any person might not love this machine upon first trying it – we’re certain it will work for you. You can order the Flex Belt from the official site or you can click here to visit our store.

At the end of the day, we all want killer abs. The fact is not everyone has figured out exactly how to get them. Many celebrities as well as athletes are now sharing their secret. And now, with the secret of the Flex Belt, you too can start to feel and see the burn.

-- Or Click here to visit The Official Flex Belt Website and get started Today.

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