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Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone
Review Summary
The Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone is an abs belt that is advertised to help consumers develop better strength and tone in the abdominal region. This is said to be accomplished via Electric Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, technology, which is simply the transmission of intermittent electrical pulses to the body’s muscles. The pulses cause muscle contractions that work just like physical exercise to promote strength and tone development. The Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone thus requires no effort or proper form for productive use. This does not mean it should be confused with a replacement for exercise, however. It is a supplement to exercise, as are all abs belt products.

Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone features four toning pads that give adequate coverage to the entire abdominal region. We take this to mean that the Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone cannot be used on other muscle groups. The product requires batteries and is controlled via handheld device. This means that the Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone is portable, but perhaps not as discrete as some abs belt products.

We did not locate any third party clinical trials supporting the Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone at the time of this review. Nor did we find any evidence of FDA clearance, though such clearance is not enjoyed by all abs belt products like this.

Manufacturer Information
Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone is put out by Savvier, LP. This company is responsible for a wide variety of fitness products, and you can visit the official Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone website for more information on Savvier and its policies. The site seems to be fairly convenient and offers a good deal of customer service. Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone is currently backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, but we found no mention of a product warranty.

• Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone is noted to be portable and easy to use.
• Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone requires no effort or exercise.
• Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone currently comes with a walking CD, conductive gel, and an eating plan.

Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone is currently listed at $130.95 plus $9.97 shipping and handling. International shipping is available, but rates were not posted. Shipping times were not figured for the customer either.

Final Facts
The Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone is one EMS belt to consider, and it would appear worth considering. But there are many other legitimate EMS belts out there that could help you accomplish your fitness goals. We recommend careful research and patient shopping. Look for good warranties, clinical trial support, FDA clearance, and a fair price. If you find that, then you’re likely onto something.

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