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Max Turbo Slimming Belt
Review Summary
Max Turbo Slimming Belt belongs to a quickly growing niche of fitness and spa related products that somewhat falls in the abs belt category. While it’s natural to assume that these abs belt devices all use similar technology, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact they tend to use varying technologies. For instance, some abs belts use EMS technology exclusively. Other belts use various methods like heat based technology and still others like Max Turbo use a combination including heat, ventilation and oscillating based technology.

According to this developer the Max Turbo Slimming Belt can provide the core, whether the upper, middle or lower abs, or even the oblique muscles with massage and heat as well as an oscillating movement. For those users looking for a relaxing at home experience, this product may be the one they've been searching.

Max Turbo Slimming Belt uses Elliptic Oscillating technology to provide users with an at home session. According to its developer, the vibrations it creates, assists with loosening up fat cells in the belly, so that the body can use it more easily to create energy. Using this abs belt is relatively simple – its wrapped around the core, and then the user switches on one of five workout settings. The user can then put their shirt back on, and let the machine do their workout while they do anything else they want, or need to.

They also indicate that this technology has some non slimming side benefits, including boosting digestive health and assisting users with relaxing. We could not find any 3rd party tests for the product and so far, an FDA clearance has not released, though one may not be necessary.

The current price for the Max Turbo Slimming Belt ranges from $89.99 to $169.99. The package includes the belt, along with instructions on how to use it to do a full core training session.

The Max Turbo Slimming Belt is predominantly sold through retail sites, specializing in fitness machines and health based products. They typically post pictures so you know what it looks like, and some even post videos of it being used by a trainer or an actual user. While on these sites you can also take a look at the product specs and design. For instance you’ll find out that it comes with a wide range of program settings, but you can also adjust the intensity levels and speeds your working with.

Final Facts
Some abs belt are FDA cleared for tightening and toning and some as we saw above like the Max Turbo Slimming abs belt, offers users a different at home experience. Its developer suggests that if you use it for ten minutes a day your core will get a workout that builds strength and tone. The Max Turbo Slimming Belt can be found through independent distributors, so delivery times may vary. You can also take a look here in our store for additional ab belts.

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