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Belly Burner
Review Summary
It would be hard to find anyone today that’s totally ok with the state of their core. Who doesn’t want to get abs flat and burn off belly fat these days simply with using an abs belt? So it’s no wonder that more and more consumers are looking at all sorts of core trainers and adjuncts, but hands down it seems that abs belt, are gaining lots of traction with consumers, including the Belly Burner belt.

You may have seen infomercials for this inexpensive abs belt on day time or late night TV, or maybe you’ve checked out a youtube video online. According to its developer the Belly Burner along with the high octane workout included with its package can quickly get the core slimmer, more toned and stronger - lets see how.

While you may be thinking that the Belly Burner is technologically enhanced with micro processors, wires and electrodes, its not an EMS based abs belt. In fact, this particular abs belt uses what this developer calls neoprene cell technology, to trap and retain heat, which they suggest is the key to its belly toning abilities. Bobby Waldron is the trainer featured in the DVD included with the Belly Burner system, but he is also the mastermind behind this abs belt as well. In terms of function, the Belly Burn belt is wrapped around the core, and secured with fasteners so that it stays on throughout the workout, whether you’re doing the one included with the package, or another one at the gym. While you very actively work the core muscles, and the other muscles in your body during the session, the belt is said to up the fat burning capacity in the core, so users reportedly get rid of belly fat faster. To be more clear this belt's "technology" is based around the idea of increasing the core temperature of the body, while you continue to perform your various ab exercises. Unlike other abs belt in this category, this product seems more of a training aid to add to those users who have an active and existing core training regimen.

The Belly Burner package is now selling for around $19.95 via the website. You also get an Exercise and Food Journal, Meal Planner/Nutrition Log and At-A-Glance Calorie Counter along with the training belt. But you also get the DVD we discussed above - to help you along with the workouts you must perform while wearing the belt.

The Belly Burner has a website of its own where you can view a video, on which you can see the actual workout included with this abs belt, to see if it fits into your lifestyle. But you also get to meet Waldron, as well as actual users of the Belly Belt. The site also discusses the exercises behind this abs belt, and how it is said to reduce belly fat over time. The DVD program itself is design to help strengthen and tone the muscles beneath the skin. We were unable to find any published 3rd Party Clinical Studies for Belly Burner at this time, of course these are not necessary as this is not an EMS ab toning belt.

Final Facts
Ultimately, the Belly Burner system was designed to provide active users with enhanced belly fat activation and a high octane workout to target not only the core muscles, but the entire body as well. This ab belt system is ultimately shaped around the DVD based workout program that accompanies it. As an ab belt, we found the Belly Burner to be considered more as a "thermal awareness aid" - maybe for users who plan to workout while wearing it. According to its developer you can expect to see results with this system, granted you perform and follow the DVD closely. You can learn more about abs belt and their history here on the homepage.

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