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Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt
Review Summary
The Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is designed to be an entire ab toning system all in a belt that you wear around your waist. Hardly the only option in its category, the Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is similar to other abs belt in that it is designed to tone your muscles with electronic signals sent into your midsection. One difference the Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt has from more popular abs belts is that it is not rechargeable and runs on a 9-volt battery. Although it is said that you can wear Ab Transform while you do just about anything, you may have trouble using it discreetly in public because of its oversized controller. Some users may find the control pack difficult to conceal and go about their day with this particular abs belt. However the relative compact size of Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt overall means it is somewhat portable. Additionally, you shouldn’t have to assemble anything before you use Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt the first time just like most ab belts. Like the best ab belts this one also requires no hard work, motivation, or concentration on your form when you use it. Abs Transform EMS Workout Belt is made specifically for your abs, so it can’t be used on other body parts like the legs. We'll take a closer look at this belt below.

Manufacturer Information
The Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt manufacturer sells this product with only a 30 day satisfaction guarantee covering it. There does not appear to be a manufacturer warranty for Ab Transform at this time, but some vendors will provide a 1 year warranty for the abs belt for an additional $9.99. We have found that other ab belts on the market offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Also, currently there are no available third party trials supporting the advertised benefits of the Ab Transform Belt.

• Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt is said to use a form of EMS technology.
• As with all abs belts you can use it any time and place you choose.
• Product includes a nutrition guide, and a ‘Walk it Off' instructional CD.

The Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt currently costs around $99.95 and at that price it is firmly priced along side other average performing abs belts. From what we can tell, shipping should be included with the cost of this system. Retailers vary, so no standard shipping times are available, though we do know that this product can only be shipped within the US and Canada. The bonus materials that come with Ab Transform, which equal a $30 value, include an instructional CD, nutrition guide, and the requisite 9 volt battery.

Final Facts
If you are becoming a fan of abs belts and are looking for a way to tone and firm your abs, the Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt system certainly may be one of your options. As we outlined above, this product seems to fall right in the middle of the ab belt pack. The top rated ab belts, we have come across include the confidence of their EMS technology having received an FDA clearance. The Ab Transform EMS Workout Belt does not seem to post any research as we did not locate any such scientific research with regard to the belt. We always suggest that you find out more about this and other popular abs belts you may be considering by reading additional reviews as well. In order to be a smart shopper, you’ll will want to check what you learn with other sources when possible before buying fitness equipment. This can help ensure that you get exactly what you’re expecting and nothing less.

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