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Ab Flex
Review Summary
Ab Flex is a Sport Elec abs belt designed to work the muscles in your midsection without particular hard work, or concentration on your form. Advertising notes that you can wear Ab Flex just about anywhere and anytime you want to tone your abs. Which means you can technically wear this abs belt underneath your clothing. The belt itself is adjustable, as are the intensity levels of the belts signals, and the whole system runs on batteries. The device does not seem to be rechargeable like the more popular ab belts on the market.

The four toning pads in Ab Flex are used with a conductor gel, and a one month’s supply of this gel is included with your purchase. It is noted that the Ab Flex cannot be used to tone body parts other than the abs. At this time, there are no published 3rd Party Clinical Studies for Ab Flex, like other more popular and tested abs belts on the market.

Manufacturer Information
Sport Elec manufactures and sells a range of other fitness products through various online retailers and does not focus exclusively on a core product like an abs belt. Sport Elec provides a 30 day warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee for the Ab Flex. Keep in mind that we have seen that other ab belts come with a 2 year warranty and a 60 day guarantee. A Sport Elec toll free number is provided for any Ab Flex customer service issues or any additional inquires.

• Like the best abs belts you can use the Ab Flex where and when you want to.
• This system is covered only by both a 30 day warranty and guarantee.
• Ab Flex ab belt does not require any serious commitment.

The Ab Flex abs belt currently retails for around $114.89, which, at this time and is broken down into a $14.95 trial, three payments of $29.99, and $9.97 for shipping and handling. In addition to the abs belt, this cost includes the conductor gel, workout DVDs, and health related booklets, all of which have an unknown value. Whether or not this product can be shipped internationally is unknown at this time. Shipping times are said to be standard after a 24 hour processing period.

Final Facts
Like the best abs belts on the market, the Ab Flex from Sport Elec is made to tone the abdominal muscles without much effort, or any serious commitment from the person using it. According to online information, you can use it where and when you choose, though you’ll need to keep the requisite conductor gel handy. Be advised, that the gel itself - is not like other popular abs belts that come in the form of convenient and clean gel pads. You can find out more about Ab Flex from Sport Elec directly, or you can follow in the footsteps of many savvy consumers and read further reviews features toning equipment. Diving in further - to define what it is that you want to address exactly and how best to do that - can often provide a more detailed insight into which product has worked in real life for consumers just like you.

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