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Ab Energizer
Review Summary
Ab Energizer is one of the ab belts from the early 2000s and among the few abdominal toning belts that had some troubles with the FTC in years past. If you have not already, on the homepage of this site - you can see our full report on those that had some issues, it's worth a read. The previous ads for Ab Energizer stated that this abs belt was made for pain free, exercise free toning. At time of review, there is currently no website for the Ab Energizer, however enough information is still available about this product to give you an idea of what it was designed to do.

Ab Energizer was stated to provide the equivalent of 700 sit ups or crunches in ten minutes of use. Advertising of other unsubstantiated claims existed along aside the fact that the belt was very portable and could be used whenever and where you found it convenient. It was said that you didn’t need to exercise or put a lot of hard work into using the Ab Energizer belt. It was also stated that it did not require any motivation from you beyond managing to wear the belt and turn it on. Ab Energizer ran on batteries and was not rechargeable like the more popular and current FDA cleared abs belts.

Manufacturer Information
As we said above, there is currently no official website for Ab Energizer, which means that a toll free number for the company does not exist. Should you still find this product available for purchase - there is also no warranty or satisfaction guarantee information posted at this time. The FDA had not cleared this product for use, and we could not locate any third party clinical trial results that confirm the claims made about it in the past. Be advised that this kind of clearance was not required though.

• Ab Energizer resembled some of the more popular and guaranteed ab belts.
• Like the best abs belts, was small enough to be portable and used on the go discreetly.

Currently, when you can still find the product on auction sites, the Ab Energizer goes for about $20 plus at least $8 in shipping and handling charges. We have seen that each purchase comes with a carrying case, tightening gel, and a weight loss guide as bonus materials. The overall value of these bonus products is unknown. Shipping times, as well as whether or not it can be sent internationally, will likely vary from one auction or vendor to the next.

Final Facts
Like some early products in the abs belt category, the Ab Energizer was advertised for exercise free toning. As outlined above, it was also reported to be light enough and small enough to be portable, and its battery operated design to facilitate those on the go. With the wave of some inexpensive and unproven ab belts off of the market, it's easier now than ever to pick a winning product. Experts often note that before making a purchase you should always search and research the best product for your needs. We often recommend products that have money back satisfaction guarantees as it's often a sign a company stands behind it's product.

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